Monday, December 3, 2018

Hunting the late Fall colors in Omori

It has become one of my traditions that I spend much of November walking along some pilgrimage trail or other enjoying the color of Fall. Unfortunately this year a bout of ill health followed by a period of hospitalization meant that I missed much of November.

We took off one day and headed up to the village of Omori in Iwami Ginzan in the hope of catching the last remnants of color and was able to find some. The hillsides still had some color to them, and though most of the ginkgo trees were naked there was still somewhat of a carpet at one of the small temples.

A few of the small gardens still had some maples, but the best colors were to be found at shrines.

The big Hachimangu at the northern end of the village still had much to be seen, but the best was at the Ido Shrine on the opposite side of the river, and not usually visited by tourists....


  1. Very nice. Hope you are quite well.

  2. Gorgeous! So glad you are feeling better.

  3. I've been quietly enjoying your photos for the past few years; thank you. Hope you have made a full recovery and are able to resume your adventures.

  4. Sorry to hear about the health problems- Omori images remind me of my brief but wonderful stay there quite a few years back @abe-ke as a guest of tomi matsuba-
    A very special place! (Made my 11th short Japan trip in 2018- no 2019 anticipated-alas!) martha

  5. Beautiful. I hope the "bout" is past and you are well.

  6. Beautiful photos. Best wishes for better health. I've never commented before, but always find your posts inspiring and informative.


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