Saturday, April 19, 2014

Manhole Ohanami


The annual cherry blossom viewing season is now over for most of Japan, but the cherry blossom can be seen year round by looking down. Not surprisingly given its cultural prominence the sakura appears as a design element in many, like this first one from Tadotsu in Kagawa, Shikoku.


It features as a minor design element in countless designs, like this one from Kamo Town in Izumo.


As I sorted through my files to find these I was expecting sakura to much more common than it is. I was surprised to find the Azalea being more common. The sakura above is from Mizukami in Kumamoto.


From Miyahara, also in Kumamoto, also featuring a rose.


From Toyoshi in Kagawa, with azaleas in the center.


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