Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Umbrellas & Parasols


So, the rainy season is officially over, but there are still showers and thunderstorms to contend with, so umbrellas are still ubiquitous.


Of course umbrellas also double as parasols, and as such are very much in evidence when the sun is shining, mostly used by the females....


As I am busy walking around Kyushu at the moment I don't have time to write much


So, these photos will have to do......



  1. Umbrellas were all paper with designs painted on them but a few did have waterproofing on them. At the time, the streets were not really paved and were often muddy and the sidewalks were whatever the shop owner could afford, so no two were alike. The chances of getting wet when it rained were great and muddy feet was likely. I was in Japan 1953-1956 in Sapporo and Sendai.


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