Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vacation 2011 Day 19 Essouira


By now I was getting into the "relaxing" part of the vacation..... sleeping a little longer each night, but still I woke before 5 and the almost-full moon was still quite high....


There is a maze quality to all medinas, though Essouira was much smaller than Marrakesh and so was easier to figure out where you are...


Like everywhere else in Morocco where tourists go the streets are lined with colorful products, though Essouira is unusual in that it has gotten a reputation for paintings, so there are numerous art galleries....


The doors of Essouira, like everywhere else in Morocco are fantastically diverse. weathered and "distressed", with layer upon layer of paint showing through.... I will do some posts later just on Moroccan doors.....


Early evening I headed to the plaza where the sea wall is low and sat and watched the sun descend. Inland the clouds threatened rain.


As the sun approached the horizon it appeared between the clouds and put on a show for the large number of people, visitor and locals, who had gathered to sit quietly and enjoy the show....


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