Saturday, March 17, 2012

The 7 Lucky Gods around Shikoku


The Shichifukujin, the 7 lucky gods, are very popular in Japan despite their being mostly "foreign" gods. On my little walk around Shikoku I encountered them at many of the 88 temples, like these small figurines at the mountaintop temple of Tairyuji in Tokushima.


They are often depicted riding a "takarabune", a treasure boat, together like this at Meitokuji in Kochi.


Many temples, especially in Ehime, had fairly new and larger collections of their statues like Ryukoji in Ehime.


The next temple, Butsumokuji, I visited just afew days before New Year and the statues had fresh offerings in front of them in preparation for the large number of visitors expected I would guess.


This small figurine was at Gokurakuji in Tokushima.


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