Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creatures met along the way


Here are some of the creatures I encountered on my walk last week down the SE coast of Shikoku.


There arent a lot of goats in Japan, but you do occasionally see them staked out eating the weeds. I hope to get some goats in the future.


This little bird could not have been dead long as it had not been taken by any carrion eater or invaded by ants....


This frog however must have been dead for some time as it was completely mummified...


Kites, tombi in Japanese, are common everywhere....


Tombo, dragonflies, are also quite common... this one was quite a small species...


Maybe because of the impending cooler weather, butterflies seem to be a lot more active right now...


  1. That spider you took is called a Joro spider, or, in Japanese, jorogumo. It's the female, which is a good deal larger than the brownish male.

    I wrote a song about that spider after having seen one for the first time on a walk in Kyushu (Kagoshima), where I live. The spider is not found in North America.


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