Sunday, April 17, 2011

The view from Sanbe


Sanbe San is the name given to the highest point in Shimane, a cluster of 7 peaks.

!,126 meters above sea level, I have only climbed it one time.


Most people go up it on the trail on the north side but I went up a barely used trail on the south side.


As you would expect there are some great views once you get out of the trees.



In the distance the Shimane Hanto with Izumo Taisha at its base.

According to the Kunibiki myth the peninsular was dragged from Sila and held to the land of izumo by a rope that is now the beach you can just see. The other end of the peninsular was tied by a rope to Daisen in Tottori.


A huge caldera.


  1. your posts on shimane really make me miss living there! which is weird, because i LOVE fukuoka!!

  2. In an annual survey Shimane has come repeatedly bottom of the list of prefectures that Japanese want to visit..... henna nihonjin

  3. it's really out of the way, hey. but it is quite beautiful, if you like rural areas. which i do. i just like being a bit closer to big cities! :D


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