Monday, March 21, 2011

Jizo at Togaku-ji


I was up in Matsue last week and took the opportunity to walk around the area north of the castle and visit some shrines and temples.


One temple I visited I had not been to before, Togaku-ji, had a big collection of Jizo.


The main hall oif the temple was being renovated, hence covered in green tarp, so I couldnt see what art may have been inside.


As well as all the jizo there was also a hall containing 500 statues of the Rakan, which I believe were disciples of the Buddha. Photos of those will come later.


The raked gravel along the entranceway hinted that this was a zen temple, which it turns out to be. It belongs to the Soto sect.


I could find no stories or historical personages connected to the temple, so it won't be found in any tourist guides, but like many shrines and temples off the beaten track it was filled with fascinating art.



  1. Many jizo...and too many nuclear power plants in Japan.

  2. We must not be silent. Deal with the here and now. Learn what must be learned. Fix the power problem however possible. Bend the mind to the answer!


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