Monday, December 21, 2009

The view from Hemp Mountain


At 599m, Taima-San (Hemp Mountain) is the highest coastal mountain in the Hamada area. Among the many antennae and towers that bristle from its peak is an observation tower.
This first view is looking NW out to sea. More than 200k away is Korea.


Looking SW down the coast, Misumi Power Station, burning coal, is where we get our electricity. The mountain in the distance is in Yamaguchi. Old legends indicate a conflict between the tribe that poulated the area around Taimasan and the tribe around the Yamaguchi Mountain.


Inland to the SE. Hiroshima City is about 100k away.


NE to Hamada Port.


At the base of the mountain is the town of Sufu, home to the largest kofun (burial mound) in the Iwami area.

The Chugoku Nature Trail passes over Taima-san, and there is an interesting shrine and garden just below the peak.


  1. Really? I did not know that about the kofun! I shall have to check them out.

  2. Actually there is not much to see... just a signboard next to what appears to be a small hill :)

  3. Hey Jake, Hemp Mountain ? Wonder what's in that name ? Did people used to grow hemp around there ?
    As always, beautiful pictures !


  4. Hemp was a very important plant until the American Occupation when it became illegal.


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