Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wabi Sabi signage

The Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi has associations with impermanence and transition, expressed well I think by the action of the weather on metal signs, when the figurative begins to transform to the abstract.


Bridal attire rental service, Hamada.

A walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7065

A sign warning of pedestrians crossing. I think. (or a company making lower-body prosthetics)

One day on Miyajima 4478

Beware of children on the road


Corporate Oil

A  walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7133

A business school in Masuda.


Clear enough.


  1. My gal says that Wabi Sabi is very difficult to express in English. I am having trouble understanding this feeling myself.


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